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Arantxa's Life in Word and Image

Testing the Mettle of "UNA CAMPEONA" (1997)

1997 -- Sydney (Frazier); DUBS TITLE

Oz (VanRoost)

Sharing a house

in Andorra

with "Johan"

Arantxa's new coach:

Emilio "Lo Mejor" Sanchez

Indian Wells (SF: Spirlea)

Lipton (Testud)/DUBS TITLE

with Natasha Lipton Practice Court

Har-Tru -- FCMC(Coetzer)/(no dubs)

Family Circle

Magazine Cup

Hilton Head, SC

FCMC - 1997

Amelia Island(defeat Labat/Drags/QF loss to Pierce)

visits children in F.I.R.S.T Serve program

sittting in the stands with the Spanish contingent

(behind: Gala Leon Garcia and Cristina Torrens Valero)

"Now I go to practice my serve"

Doubles with Larisa Neiland

dubs with Larisa Bausch & Lomb


Amelia Island,


Doubles match with Neiland

displaying perfect balance

EuroClay: Hamb(Langrova)/dubs with IG

Italian Open -- loss to Schnyder (injuiry)

visits children in F.I.R.S.T Serve program

German Open: loss to Kournikova

Spanish Open