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Just like Arantxa, isn't it? "> "I still have motivation. If I do the right things I will come up again in the rankings."
This is very good news, yes? ">

Arantxa Supporters' Newsletter

        And so we begin. . .

Hello everyone. I hope you will enjoy this, the firstof what I hope to be many, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Newsletters. But before I begin, I would like to thank and congratulate Arantxa for her great efforts at the season-ending Chase Championships where she defeated Monica Seles in the Round of 16. Even though she didn't win the title, she will always be our

        The latest on Arantxa

In December, we are assuming that Arantxa has played or will play theexhibition tournament in Monte Carlo, since she has participated in this tournament for the past six years. Arantxa has also signed her commitment contract to play the Corel WTA tournament held in Sydney, Australia, in January 1998. Arantxa will be in Spain (at her parents in Barcelona) and Andorra (at the home she shares with Juan Vehils) for the holidays. She will celebrate her 26th birthday on December 18th.

        Arantxa NEVER quits

Former Wimbledon champion Virginia Wade told a story during that telecast about talking to Emilio and asking him why he didn't encourage Arantxa to take some time off in 1997, since she admitted was struggling. She said he said he *had* encouraged her to do that, but "that is not Arantxa" (that's a direct quote from Emilio); that she preferred to keep on working hard and fighting her way through her "bad patch." Just like Arantxa. isn't it? J

        A quote from Arantxa. . .

In a recent (September, 1997) interview, Arantxa is quoted as saying: "I still enjoy myself playing.I have passion for tennis. I still have fun. I don't have to prove anything. The pressure is for the other players, they have to prove to be there as long terms as I was there. As any athlete, No. 1 players drop sometimes. But I'm looking forward to come back, slowly move up and try to win again. "I still have motivation. If I do the right things I will come up again in the rankings." This is very good news, yes?

        What to do now. . .

If anyone has a picture taken with Arantxa and wants to have it put up on the WEB, then by all means go ahead. Marsha came up with the idea of creating a new section, or possibly a new site, with pictures of Arantxa and her fans. We hope to have the new site up within two weeks and to be constantly adding to it. So all you need to do now is send us your pictures, news items on Arantxa, ideas, and anything else that you think will make this newsletter better. I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you don't want to receive it again, then you have my humblest apologies. Please send me an e-mail saying that you don't wish to receive it and I will immediately remove your name from the mailing list. Again, if you have any comments about this newsletter or the web site, please e-mail either Marsha or myself with your comments. We can make this a better service for everyone with your help. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Mudar I. Al-Bayat e-mail: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Check out Arantxa's unofficial web page at: For more information, contact Mudar I. Al-Bayat at: or Marsha Strong at:

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