The following entries are from January and February of 1997 and were typed and given to Arantxa at the Lipton Championships in Key Biscayne, FL.

¡Magnifico! Fabulous job, keep up the good work. About time the Bee had her monument on the Web. Buena suerte Arantxa, and regroup for that French Open.

Ed T.

Great Page, I hope mine gets finished soon.
Thanks Marsha for e-mailing me. By the way, I also like R.E.M.!


I found this while cruising through other tennis info and was happy to find it. It's hard to keep up with tennis in Korea! Saludos a Marisa y Arantxa. Hace 2 anos y media que no nos vemos. I haven't been to any tournaments because of my spine injury.


Sorry about the Austrialian Open! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. I love your style of play. Keep up the beautiful work.


-Hola Arantxa! Siempre estoy informado a cerca de tus torneos y resultados. Se que pusiste toda tu garra en el OPEN de AUSTRALIA/97 pero no pudo ser posible. Sigue luchando en cada torneo como lo sigues haciendo, todo el mundo te sigue apoyando porque eres la No 1. Espero que hayas recibido mi mensaje.
Un amigo que te apoya: BORJA.



Borja Anglada

Very fun page M.E. I will keep coming to see what's up with the amazing world of WTA. My favorite player, Marcelo Rios, also has a Webpage . . .

Hasta la vista,

omar helfmann

Congratulations on a very comprehensive and enjoyable site. And I won't talk about Van Roost if you don't talk about Coetzer. Congrats again.


Hi Marsha! This page looks terrific, you've done a wonderful job!


Karrie Kellerman

Just wanted to say that I think Arantxa is one of the best players out there. She plays her game like no one else can. She has kept my interest in WPT. Glad to see there are other "fan" out there. Great to see a homepage for her. She deserves it.

Christine (KNerys)
None Yet

how it feels 2 b a great tenniser?

jo singgih widirahar jo-muliadi

Arantxa, I am sorry about AUSTRALIAN OPEN '97. Keep up good work.


John "Gomezs" Makovicka

I've been looking for an Arantxa page for a long time. Now the internet is finally complete. Thank you.

Elizabeth Ontai



deseamos los mejor para ti este año, todos los exitos posibles...que te los mereces. estudiantes mexicanos en vancouver


I just love the way that you play.I hope you'll win everything. I'm your greatest fan in Canada. I hope I see you in Montreal.

Lynda Mallet

Hi Arantxa! You'll be back - Spanish women are tough, I know that for a fact! Best wishes from Carsten Iversen!

Carsten Iversen

You play well

Jeremy Esperon

I'm glad I've found this site, I've been trying for weeks to find a site dedicated to Arantxa, now I finally have. I have found this site very interesting, and I have nothing nice to say about Dominique Monami van Roost, at the moment!!!

Carolina Harding

Hello Arantxa
Good luck in the French Open.

Lenzi Bourdeau

Arantxa, I saw you at the finals of the Canadian Open in 1994. You and Steffi have had some great battles and have earned my respect. You go girl! 8-)


Como dominicana me siento orgullosa de que una hispana esté entre las mejores del mundo. Espero que siga cosechando éxitos y llegue a ser la primera del mundo

Bernardita Alba Solano

bueno, me parece que arantxa es una exelente jugadora, espero que continue asi

brunilda sequeira

hello just dropped by to check it out -- i think its awesome, keep up the good work


Very thorough....great page!

Russell Baker

Although I'm Belgian (like Dominique Monami) I must say that Arantxa es la mejor.



Amanda James

Marsha, thanks for the tape. I received the first one today and watched it already.

Dang nice page ya built here. When did you say the chat hours were? (hint). Times I am usually on are probably too late, but if I know the times I would like to drop in to check it out.


Great page! One of the best -- for one of the best. Forget the Australian -- on to Roland Garros! Viva Espana!


I think that under biographical information you should include her "Life History"; childhood, early career and education, etc...her life
I like the fact that it is bi-lingual. 1 thumb up.


Wishing you all the best that life has to offer, Arantxa from your #1 fan in Saudi Arabia, Mudar Al-Bayat

Mudar Al-Bayat

Hope you come out of the slump soon. Good luck in '97.

Lori Sandoval

Nice page! Arantxa, je suis une de tes grande fan au Canada. Je sais que tu parles francais, alors... J'ai vu ton match à Montréal l'été dernier en final, c'était vraiment super! Bonne chance pour 1997 et surtout pour Roland Garos et Wimbledon

Johanne Slight

I said I'd check it out and I did, I think it's great. Do you know how long I have been waiting for an Arantxa web site? MUCH TOO LONG!!!!!!! :)



I am eleven and am doing Arantxa for my Girl Scout "International Night". I have to BE her, and give a short talk. I am glad to be able to get this information from the Web. Thank you! Sarah


Depuis le temps que je cherchais cela, je suis heureuse! Arantxa, je suis une de tes grandes admiratrice, j'aime ton style de jeu. J'habite le Québec (Canada) j'espère te voir à Montréal en 1998. Bonne chance pour 1997!


Bublebee: I have followed your career ever since you started. I am your biggest San Francisco Fan. I was wondering if you will be playing the Bank of the West tournament this year (1997)? I hope so. I'll be front row center....


Dear Bumblebee: I didn't realize until I read my previous message to you,that I misspelled your name "Bumble-bee". I hope I did not offend you. I sincerely apologize. Love, Mike


Me llamo Daniela, tengo 19 años y soy de Mexico. He seguido tu carrera desde hace muchos años, aun recuerdo la final de Roland Garros '89, y creeme, hasta la fecha no me pierdo tus partidos en TV. Eres muy querida por la aficion mexicana, la gente admira mucho tu fuerza y talento, de todas las tenistas, probablemente eres tu la mas completa. Asi que animo, sigue trabajando duro y recuerda que tus fans te estamos apoyando ;) --- Daniela


Jason Lamey

Arantxa- I just want you to know that you really ROCK!! You are the best tennis player in the world. You go girl! Love, Edward

Edward M. Brashier, II

This is a great page! I hope that Arantxa can get back to the top of the game! She is terrific!


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